About Lorna

I have had the privilege of playing many roles in my life – teacher, homemaker, parent, clerical worker and now, pensioner!!  Coming from a traditional background of “the doctor knows best”, having no knowledge or interest in complementary therapies, I surprised myself when given the opportunity to take a course in Bio-Energy Therapy in 2002 that I did not hesitate.

How fortunate I was to be taught by Michael D’Alton, now well known in many parts of the world
(ref: School of Bio-Energy Healing).

The course took me on a journey of self-development, leading me to a realisation that I am responsible for how life’s “ups and downs” affect me, and I have the choice to take control of my health.  As a therapist I now have the privilege of helping others to achieve the level of good health, well-being and positive attitude I have come to know for myself.