Helen’s Story

Things had gone wrong in both Helen’s emotional and business life. Following a relaxing first session when the therapist detected an imbalance of energy at the throat chakra and worked to remove, she said she had more clarity in her thinking and was able to focus more on the important issues in her life. She was also choosing to drink more water and less diet cola and regularly practice chi kung exercises demonstrated by the therapist.

After the second session when the therapist focused on the solar plexus (emotional storehouse), Helen said she felt more relaxed and things stressed her less. Feeling more energised following her third session she commented on a statement, “you can choose to play the victim or not” made by the therapist on a previous occasion and said, “I can deal with issues, my negativity disappeared, leaving me focused on what is important in my life, enabling me to move forward with positive thoughts and intentions. I have looked inward and can see and value the true me instead of being busy busy without clear direction and motivation.”

Jane’s Story

Rheumatoid arthritis was taking its toll on Jane. Her shoulders, wrists, hands, hips, knees, even the soles of her feet ached constantly. After her first session of therapy a relaxed Jane slept well, and the nagging pain all over her body, subsided. As the sessions continued the therapist encouraged her to drink plenty of water and practice qigong, deep breathing exercises, to maintain and continue the detoxifying work done. These exercises also strengthen the energy pathways throughout the body, and increase the energy flowing through the body, removing blockages, encouraging a more even and balanced flow throughout.

Jane noticed changes not only to her physical pain but also to her thinking, finding herself less agitated about how this illness was not only attacking her physically but also robbing her of the life she enjoyed, rearing her young family, working part time at a job she enjoyed, with time for hobbies such as horse riding. She felt less guilty about resting more and asking for help, becoming more positive about improvement to her condition. She became more flexible about her perfectionist ways and behaviours. As she fought less against the illness, becoming more accepting of her limitations she learned to give herself more “me” time to listen to relaxation CDs, easing the stress in her body. She started to keep a journal recording her mental, emotional and physical feelings, thereby enabling her to notice differences developing in her moods, attitudes and self expectations. She realised that relaxing isn’t just about “sitting down with a magazine”. Jane learned to look more at the good side of life and accept that instead of her “glass being ½ empty”, it was “½ full” and filling up again!

Jane became her own healer, looking inward to change attitudes and behaviours, finding ways to moderate perfectionist traits, thereby facilitating an improvement in her health. By making all these changes to her life, along with her prescribed medication and frequent sessions of therapy Jane can enjoy horse riding on occasions.