Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which conditions respond favourably to Bio-Energy Therapy?

We are all energy beings therefore all health issues and/or our way of dealing with them, can benefit from energy healing. Examples are: all stress related conditions, allergies, arthritis, asthma, breathing disorders, back problems, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, depression, headaches, digestive disorders, emotional problems, insomnia.

2. How will I feel after a session?

A client may feel immediate improvement in his condition, more relaxed and at peace with himself.  One’s thinking and behaviour patterns may alter in a most subtle (but good) way over the course of a few treatments.

A client might not feel as relaxed as he would expect after a calming session of Bio-Energy therapy for a day or so after it. This is because it is a detoxifying process and the client’s energy needs time to re balance.

3. Do I have to believe in Bio-Energy therapy for it to work?

No, but it is beneficial to have an open mind to the therapy as a negative attitude is not conducive to a strong, healthy energy flow.

4. Will my ailment come back?

One can’t do the same thing, or say the same words, over and over and expect a different result. If the client works with the therapist by practicing the coping mechanisms demonstrated, every day, and letting go of thoughts and beliefs that no longer benefit him/her, then he/she is changing the conditions in which the ailment started in the first place therefore making it less likely that it will present again.