Helen’s Story

Things had gone wrong in both Helen’s emotional and business life. Following a relaxing first session when the therapist detected an imbalance of energy at the throat chakra and worked to remove, she said she had more clarity in her thinking and was able to focus more on the important issues in her life. She was also choosing to drink more water and less diet cola and regularly practice chi kung exercises demonstrated by the therapist.

After the second session when the therapist focused on the solar plexus (emotional storehouse), Helen said she felt more relaxed and things stressed her less. Feeling more energised following her third session she commented on a statement, “you can choose to play the victim or not” made by the therapist on a previous occasion and said, “I can deal with issues, my negativity disappeared, leaving me focused on what is important in my life, enabling me to move forward with positive thoughts and intentions. I have looked inward and can see and value the true me instead of being busy busy without clear direction and motivation.”