What is Bio-Energy Therapy?

Bio-Energy is a complementary therapy providing an holistic approach to health care. Gentle, safe, relaxing, non invasive, this therapy treats the whole person – physically, mentally, emotionally. It treats symptoms and causes of health issues.

Bio-Energy therapy is based on the premise that good health, vitality, a positive attitude, peace of mind, a passion for life and living, are dependent on an individual’s strong energy system. When our energy is flowing freely we are positive, motivated, getting on with enjoying life and health. When that flow is reduced we feel stuck, tired, negative and perhaps unwell.

Disturbance to a continuous abundant flow of energy arises as a result of stress, physical, mental or emotional trauma, or over a period of time through holding onto negative thought patterns or emotions eg. anxiety, fear, worry. Illness and dis-ease can result when the organs are not functioning properly because of this irregular or obstructed flow of vital, nourishing energy. The detrimental effect is first observed in the energy field (or aura) when the obstruction prevents a consistent flow of energy getting through to the energy centers (chakras) in the body, as it is from these that energy is distributed, via energy meridians, to the organs, muscles, cells, tissues.

Using hand movement techniques a therapist works on a client’s energy system to detect and clear these blockages or imbalances by scanning his energy field and then drawing trapped toxic energy out and away from the body, allowing the natural energy to flow freely, immediately increasing his energy and vitality.

For the therapy to work effectively and the outcome of wellness to be maintained, the co-operation of the client is important. The therapist will demonstrate coping mechanisms which, if practiced consistently, will empower the client to make the changes necessary to achieve and maintain better health giving him control of his own well being. Chi kung (qigong) breathing, drinking water, eating a healthy diet, committing to exercise, will all contribute to a better sleep pattern, essential to the maintenance of health, and vitality.

A Bio-Energy session, is generally 45 minutes to one hour in duration. The recommended course of treatment is for one session per week for four weeks, and then a follow up session one month later. An alternative, intensive, structure is to have one session a day for four days.